– Sunset Hills, Missouri –

Founded in May 2010, DriveCentric, as a company, strives to use rapidly evolving technology to deliver a cutting-edge suite of products to car dealerships. Using modern tools to connect with customers, DriveCentric wanted a space to fit their business goals. The client purchased a 29,000 square foot building in Sunset Hills, MO just off I-270 along MO-30. The original building was an old Vatterott College with many classrooms equipped for teaching everything from CAD to Cosmetology. The previous layout lacked a logical flow for an office space and daylighting was limited throughout.

The program features a new atrium with a 2-story green wall where company-wide townhall meetings breathe culture into the space. Technology was integrated into this space with a large LED screen set into the AV/Presentation wall. Other areas include semi-open workstation “pods”, a café with a cigar lounge vibe, a techy break room, a “cave-like” branded corridor, multiple collaborative spaces, and individual offices. Plants and greenery are sprinkled throughout the building to promote employee wellness. The interior design aesthetic is industrial and techy, yet warm and inviting!

During the schematic phase of the design process, we conducted a blink test with the client to nail down the type of space they were dreaming of.  We showed many images of different types of spaces with various design aesthetics and the stakeholders were given only a few seconds to vote yes, no, or maybe on each image.  In the end, we gathered all images all three stakeholders like and discussed what they liked about them to really understand what the clients were looking for. Our design services during design development included finish selection, 3D renderings and a virtual walkthrough using a rendering software called Lumion.

Our consultants include a MEP Engineer (G&W Engineering), Acoustic Consultant (JP Acoustics), a Commercial Kitchen Consultant (Rapids Foodservice Contract & Design Co.) and a Structural Engineer (Larson Engineering) for cutting the 2-story atrium space. The general contractor is Diestelkamp Contracting.

We can’t wait to see construction start on this project!