Gateway Arch Park

– St. Louis, Missouri –

REMIGERDESIGN President, Vern Remiger, is currently Design Team Manager for the CityArchRiver 2015 organization ( Begun as an International Design Competition to reinvigorate the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in St. Louis, MO, CityArchRiver 2015 was in need of a seasoned veteran to represent them in the design and cost estimating process with the National Park Service, City of St. Louis, MO Department of Transportation, METRO, Great Rivers Greenway and other public entities working with the winning design team led by Michael Van Valkenburgh and Associates. This $380 million project is due to be complete in October 2015 and REMIGERDESIGN’s specialized experience in bringing together diverse sectors of business, government, civic activists and special interests into collaborative partnerships make large projects like this a success.