Global Pharmaceutical Company – Generics

– Webster Groves, Missouri –

The client, a well-established, high-performing company needed to overhaul an outdated specialty facility and expand into available suites spread out across the shared campus. At the same time, they wanted to reinforce the ideas driving a major cultural shift with the new physical space. The challenge of uniting people that would be in separate workspaces emerged as an opportunity to implement the company goals of energizing the workspace, bottom-up innovation, sharing ideas across teams, and promoting employee wellness. The design includes a network of unique destinations dispersed throughout the campus to encourage people to get up and move to a space that supports their work needs. The distance between the spaces promotes the kind of brief movement throughout the day that can increase the productivity of an individual and a company. This kind of focus on employee wellness and movement carried down to the personal level with specification of ergonomically flexible sit-to-stand workstations. A diverse mixture of free address workspaces allows employees to choose the right mode of work for them and ensures efficient use of the square footage available throughout the day. Technology at each unique workspace means that any area on campus can be a place to share ideas and information.